SHADESIGN develops innovative sun protection solutions of the highest design and quality level. Our patented SHADE shadow-systems have established themselves as the third standard product in sun and weather protection alongside the long-serving awnings and classic parasols.

Whether as shade or rain protection, SHADE  is suitable for almost every use. Enjoy the freedom on your terrace or balcony, away from the oppressive awning or the massive pergola! SHADE  can be installed in different versions or set up as a free-standing system, so it can be adapted to almost any need.

Decide now for the new generation of shade systems.

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The fabric roller is the heart of the SHADE shadow-system!

Rolling in the sail and the required fabric tension are combined in a simple way. If the sail is unwound from the fabric roller, the tension cords are wound up by rotating cord cones. The tension cord and sail remain taut in every position. Operation is very easy!  SHADE can be rolled out independently within seconds, and it can be rolled in just as quickly and effortlessly using the control cord, which can then be easily fastened.

Fabric roller
Flexibly mounted fabric shaft. Tensioning ropes and fabric remain taut in any extension position.

One system - many options!


With our innovative SHADE we enable sun and shade where you want it. SHADE combines the advantages of an awning system with the lightness and elegance of a sun sail - and it offers an incredible price-performance ratio.

Whether terrace, patio, roof garden, outdoor dining area, balcony, pool shading or courtyard covering, thanks to the modular structure, almost any desired area can be shaded with SHADE. Almost every challenge can be solved with an extensive range of systems and accessories.

SHADE simply explained
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Version for terrace & large areas


Version for railings and balconies


Version as free-standing sun and rain protection


Version for wall-to-wall bracing


Version as shading system for solutions under glass


In addition to the standard SHADE shadow-system variants (INOX , STRUCTURE and CUBE), our modular systems offer you almost limitless combination options.


The SHADE INOX system as an free-standing variant


The SHADE INOX system as an opposite and free-standing variant


The SHADE INOX system in the side-by-side variant with column connectors


The SHADE INOX system in the variant side by side and free standing


The SHADE INOX system as free-standing, opposite and side-by-side version

Up close

SHADE fabric is made of high-strength polyester with a PU coating on both sides. The fabric's low surface weight harmonises perfectly with the way the system works. The specially developed fabric impresses with its very good UV and water pressure resistance. All fabrics used have a UPF value of 50+.

The sail colouring and texture shown may not correspond to the real fabric appearance. The real fabric colour is only reflected in our original SHADE colour card, which is available from our specialist dealers.

The SHADE sailfabric is made of high-strength polyester. The low weight per unit area of the fabric harmonises perfectly with the functionality of the system. Furthermore, the specially developed fabric convinces with its very good UV and water pressure resistance. All fabrics used have a UPF value of 50+.

Material Polyester high strength
Type of coating Polyurethan
Properties Dirt-repellent, waterproof, fungicide treated, UV-stabilised




  Test standard Dimension


Basis weight DIN EN 12127 g/m² ca. 150

Tear resistance

DIN EN 13394 - 2
DIN EN 13394 - 2


≥ 80
≥ 80

Tensile strength/maximum tensile force

DIN EN ISO 13934 - 1
DIN EN ISO 13934 - 1
≥ 1300
≥ 1300
Water column DIN EN 20811 mm ≥ 1000
Water repellency AATCC-22 Spray Test
DIN EN 24920
Note ≥ 70
Light fastness DIN EN ISO 105-BO2 Note 5 - 7
Seawater fastness DIN EN ISO 105-E02 Note 4 - 5
Protective properties against ultraviolet solar radiation DIN EN 13758-1 UPF-Value 50+


Sun protection in colour

The membrane was specially developed for SHADE's high requirements.  The fabric is very light, mould resistant impregnated, completely waterproof, stain-resistant and has a UPF value of 50+ for high protection against harmful UV radiation. UV stabilisation ensures permanent high tear resistance and rich colours.

Rolling in the fabric can create a more or less pronounced leaf structure. This has no influence on the fabric's function and quality. The leaf structure effect diminishes after a short period of strong sun exposure.

SHADE advantages

  • An be installed on almost any façade (e.g. also on insulated façades)
  • Fabric has extremely good self-cleaning power
  • Patented winding system minimises dirt accumulation
  • Easy rolling in and out without any effort
  • Optimal rain protection through waterproof membrane
  • No water pockets due to self-draining membrane suspension from an 8-degree incline
  • Little installation effort
  • Also ideal for under-glass designs (SHADESTRUCTURE)
  • Width up to 6.0 meters / projection up to 5.75 meters (6.0-meter projection with motorised operation possible) 
  • Also possible as a free-standing version without wall connection (SHADECUBE )

Must have for the SHADE

Thanks to the rolling protective roof, the cover unit of your SHADE is weatherproof all year round. The canopy is attached directly to the sail connection rail as well as to the fabric unit, so it is automatically protected by surrounding aluminium slats when it is rolled in. Of course, we not only pay attention to the effective use, but also to the appearance - this is why our rolling canopy is available in three colours.

Please note that the rolling canopy is only possible with wall mounting!

Still not convinced?

Then experience SHADE live and up close on site at one of our specialist dealers. You can find the relevant contact here.